Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Will's Truck Birthday Party!

Will celebrated his 2nd birthday with a truck themed party at Baileywick Park this past weekend.  He had his play group, neighborhood kids and family there to celebrate with him.  Wahooo! Will is 2!

 Friends enjoying the shelter area while eating dirt cake and snacks.
 A new tricycle from MiMi and B

 Yum Yum! The dirt cake was a big hit with the kiddos!

 Austin and Grady decorating their own hard hats!

 MiMi and Granny Pfanny with Baby P

 Grandpa Pfanny made Will his very own wake board so he can board like Daddy this summer!

Uncle Marshall and MoMo went in together and got Will his first set of wheels! Now, he can cruise the neighborhood in this little Mini Cooper...its so petite and cute!

It turned out to be a perfect morning for a party!  Will has lots of friends and family that love him.  He went home with lots of neat toys and books and later that night he received a new train table from us.  Thanks for celebrating with us! 

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