Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Circle of Life Visit

We just got back from a week in Kansas City visiting the rest of the Pfanmiller family.  To say it was a memorable trip would be an understatement.  The whole purpose of this trip was for the kids to meet their great grandmother Jean.  God works in mysterious ways because after 3 weeks of failing health, she ended up passing while we were there.  We were able to celebrate her life Thursday afternoon, however, we will always remember her generosity, SML vacations and her love for the entire Pfanmiller family.

Will spent a lot of time in the boat while over at Grandma Pfanmiller's home.  Even though it was in the garage, he entertained himself  "driving" and scooping things up with the net.
Sunday afternoon, we took a tour of the Boulevard Brewery.

We also knocked down some pins at the local bowling alley.  

How cute are those little bowling shoes!!?

Big Will and Little Will...they definitely have their own bond and its more than just the name!  

Uncle Bob, Aunt Jen, Susie and Dave kept the babies while the rest of us hit up a Royals game one evening.  Such a cool stadium and a fun night with all of the cousins!

We also got Will's haircut at Kalin's shop.  She did an awesome job and its nice to see his big blue eyes again.  That hair was getting so long!

Wednesday afternoon, we met up with Adam's brother, Drew and his kids at the Kaleidoscope Museum in downtown Kansas City.  It was filled with endless arts and crafts stations and projects for little ones to complete.  With our 2 year old, we moved from station to station depending on his attention span.  I could see us going back in a couple of years and spending HOURS at this place, it was that cool!

We ended the day letting him run through the public fountains.  We thought he may be scared if the shooting water caught him off guard, but we were wrong.  He loved every second of it even if his lips were quivering!

Parker spending time with Uncle Bob on the back deck. Also, a shout out to Bob for the wooden trucks he made for Will.  They are awesome!
Our Family
Parker sporting his new KC shirt on the airplane.  He slept or snuggled the entire flight both times.  Both of the boys did good, Will just needed lots of snacks and entertainment to keep him busy.

Looking back on the trip there were lots of laughs and tears, but we couldn't have picked better people to spend it with.

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O Boys Mommy said...

Wow! Sounds like a great trip and I know you are so glad you got to visit Great Grandmother Jean :)