Tuesday, January 17, 2012

These Boots Are Made for Sleeping!

Some children sleep with loveys and/or blankets. My child sleeps in his rain boots. Here is the funny part, he retrieves them out of his closet once we have left the room each night. Will even does this for nap time as well.

We are so proud of him! He transitioned to his big boy bed with zero problems and sleeps through the night (he sleeps a few hours on his bed, a couple on the floor and then back to his bed- but hey, he is sleeping! No complaints here!) Adam was prepared to camp out with him, if he was uneasy about the new situation, but we have learned that Will is so adaptable and acted like he had done this a hundred times before! yay! Can't wait to see how he responds to being a BIG Brother in the next couple of weeks!

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