Monday, December 5, 2011

Playgroup Friends!

Check out my WILD man and his friends!

Thankfully, I met some other young, first-time moms at the local library about a year and half ago and a playgroup was formed. What a great joy it has been! Together we meet up for weekly play dates, attend field trips, organize family parties, birthday parties and even monthly ladies' nights! Most importantly, all of these young ladies are helpful, supportive and willing to lend a hand or ear in a time of need. This spring the group will grow from 9 toddlers to 9 toddlers and 5 more babies....yikes!
This is Zach and his smile is contagious! He is always happy!

Jake loves trains and is a great big brother to little Maggie!

Molly is one of the two girls in the group, but she holds her own! She has quite the personality and is very smart! We all LOVE those curls!

Check out this stud! Liam is always sharing with others and will play with anyone. He is going to be a big brother this spring.

Talk about SWEET! This is Lily and she is just precious! Right around a year-old, she already knew all of her letters and colors! Watch out world LB is coming through!

Don't let this look fool you :) He may be cautious at first, but Will has the best giggle and enjoys chasing others. This boy loves his momma and Winnie the Pooh!

Ian is the most laid back of the group. He loves to be outside and is always content no matter the situation (It can get VERY loud and wild at times when all 9 are together!).

Alex loves to be outside and play on playground. He has a dog named CoCo that he sometimes brings with him to the park. His friends get excited and love playing with both Alex and his doggie.


Cynthia said...

Very sweet, Megan. Molly's caption should read, "This is Molly. She's as wild as her hair."

Anonymous said...

This looks like a fun group and isn't wonderful to have other moms for support.