Monday, December 12, 2011

1 + 3 = 4 PARTIES!

One birthday party + 3 Christmas parties = 4 big events for this little guy!

He did fabulous at all of them. We started off our Saturday by celebrating Maya's 2nd birthday. It was a low key party with lots of great brunch food. We came home and napped and then raced out the door for our 3 holiday parties that afternoon/evening. Our neighborhood had a Christmas social down at the pool where the kids could visit with Santa, make ornaments and drink hot cocoa. We were lucky to be first in line and obviously, our visit was short and sweet because Will was not a fan of the big guy! Next, we went to Will's playgroup party where the McGowans had all the families over. It was cute to see all of the kids in their festive attire and watch the dads mingle and get to know each other. (As we were leaving, Adam stated that he made another beer brewing and possible wake boarding friend...I told you this group was awesome!) Our final party was hosted by Adam's boss and his wife. By this point, Will was wound up and being encouraged by other co-workers by their constant attention and other antics. We had a wonderful Saturday and were thankful to spend it with so many great people!

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Katie and Rick said...

We saw this Santa at Smart Momma.. Riley did the same thing. He's a great santa too.