Sunday, November 27, 2011

Riding through the Meadow Lights

We are really getting into the Christmas spirit around here! We've already had a couple visits with Santa, attended the parade and then last night we traveled to see the Meadow Lights. With Will really into trains this year, we figured it was worth the drive to ride a "choo-choo" through the Christmas lights and we were right! He loved it and his head was on a constant swivel taking it all in!
Getting ready to leave the station!
Next, Will rode the carousel and when it stopped he asked for "MORE!" and before you knew it, B came back with another ticket for his grandson to ride it again! This time AP rode with him and smiled the entire time :)
We ended the evening by browsing through the Candy Barrel store and then eating dinner at Smithfield's for some yummy, southern BBQ!

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Kristiina said...

We aren't too far from there now....was thinking about doing it this year!