Monday, October 3, 2011

Where in the World?

Last Friday night, we went downtown to the International Festival at the Convention Center. We met up with Rodgers family and explored all the booths, food vendors and watched lots of dancing! Will chowed down on two spring rolls and then was ready to explore!
The kiddies really liked playing with all of the decorative hula hoops. Even AP and Mr. Tim showed off their moves!
Lexi danced along with the dancers with her twirly skirt beneath the stage. The Brazilian dancers had beautiful costumes!
We ended the night by painting canvases. Grady and Lexi made colorful pictures, while little man "painted" with his brush beside them. He really thought he was being a big kid, but this momma knows better than to give him real paint. We are only at the watercolor stage right now!

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