Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You've Got a Minute to Win It!

I dread shower games more than anyone, however, so we hosted a fun shower and hilarious games for our friends, Ashley and Kelly's "Stock the Bar" party here at the lake. First, up was potato sack relay races!
We divided into 4 teams and put a potato down one leg of a pair of panty hose and tied the other leg around our waist. Each person had to do a few pelvic thrusts to push their ball to the end and then pass it off to the next person. All 15 of us laughed so hard with this event!
Game #2: Take It to the Face!
Each person had to place a cookie on their forehead and work it down to their mouth.
Adam and Grandpa Dave were very serious competing in this event
Game #3: Mad Dog!
Kalin and Will raced to see who could empty their tictac containers the fastest while they were taped to the end of a ruler. Perfect event for these two!
Game #4: A Bit Dicey!
This took serious concentration, but Kate and Adam handled the pressure well. They both were able to place a popsicle stick in their mouth and balance the dice on top of each other.
Game #5: Baby Blockin'
Place a plate on your head and try to stack 5 baby blocks....not as easy as it looks!
Game #6: Noodlin' Around
We raced boys vs. girls to see which team could slide 4 penne pasta noodles onto their spaghetti noodle.
Game #7: Caddy Stack!
We determined that this game needs more determination than we were willing to give....oh well. Stacking 3 golf balls was not the easiest task to complete.

Overall, the games were a hit, the shower was awesome and the whole gang had tons of laughs!

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Kristiina said...

Looks like fun! I admire your ability to post so frequently. I am SO far behind on my blog...maybe I'll make that a TO DO for the weekend!