Monday, August 1, 2011

A little bit of SUGAR & PEACE

Can't go shopping and out to lunch in Cameron Village without stopping by our favorite cupcake shop! MiMi took us out to lunch at Cafe Carolina and then we hit up Gigi's Cupcakes for dessert. This time they had little mini cupakes - perfect for the little man!
He demolished two in about .2 seconds!

Then we visited Peace College where MiMi went to school. She wanted to visit the bookstore and purchase some t-shirts before it changes its name and turns co-ed this fall.
We walked around the campus while MiMi pointed out her dorm rooms.
Another fun summer day!

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MommyBelle said...

YUM! Love Cafe Carolina and those cupcakes look divine! I'll have to try that place next time I visit cameron village.