Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Beach Trip of the Season!

Last week, Will and I made our first road trip together to the beach. We couldn't pass up the opportunity of one last beach trip before the summer off we went! We were also able to convince some friends to come and play with us for a couple days while were there too!
The Kiefer girls came down on Sunday and we hit up the beach, playground, Sunset Slush and Sharkey's for dinner. Will had a blast playing with all of their dolls, princesses and girlie toys while they were there.
His new trick!
In between visitors, we had a couple days to ourselves where we walked along the boardwalk in the marsh, went shopping and had some "Mommy and Will" time at the beach.
This little monkey was so well-behaved and an awesome sleeper while we were there :)

Next, the Hepps rolled into town! The kiddos had fun playing with the trucks on the beach, watching Ms. Jodie fly the kite and eat ice cream before dinner on Thursday night!
Thanks for coming friends! So glad you all could squeeze in some time to visit us down at OIB!

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David and Jennifer said...

FUN! Love the "down dog" yoga pose :)