Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mountains for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! We were able to celebrate this special holiday with our Mimi and the rest of the Kelly family in Deep Gap, NC. Its amazing how my mom can turn a day that is supposed to be about her, instead about her grandson. She constantly purchased new outfits for Will throughout the week. He has lots of new ASU gear for this upcoming football season! We love you Mimi!
Baby Will loves nature!

Our two cabins were connected by a wrap around deck with a hot tub in the middle. It was also located on 5 acres of property with a creek running across the backyard.

Will was able to use his new fishing pole and try catch the trout swimming by.

Will and Jake were huge fans of the creek. They both could have cared less that the water was freezing. Jake would chase stick after stick!

One afternoon, we drove into Wilkesboro and hiked at Kerr Scott Lake. BK, Jake, Will and myself did 4 miles and then met up with the rest of the gang lounging by the water reading.

One the way back, we visited lots of horses at Leatherwood Stables.

After the baby would go to bed each night, we all would jump in the hot tub and listen to music. Will wasn't left out completely. We did turn the temp WAY down one afternoon and he was able to swim around with Aunt MoMo.

Guitar time with AP

He looks like a true Boonie with his bare feet, tie die t-shirt and laying in the hammock!

Picnic time at Price Lake

Showing off his new walking shoes!

On the way back to the cabin, we stopped by Blowing Rock Park so little man could run around.

The three of us on the Blue Ridge Parkway

One afternoon, we visited the ASU campus to shop for new Appalachian t-shirts and check our emails at the local library. Mimi also took us to Melanie's on King Street for lunch.

Will sat in the creek and played with all of the stones for almost an hour. He was completely content sitting there in his clothes and watching the stones splash into the water.

The rest of the family had to report back to work for the remaining part of the week. Mimi, myself and Will entertained ourselves with another visit back at Leatherwood Stables and some shopping! The workers at the stable were so friendly to us. Will was invited to go right up to all of the horses and pet them. He was even offered a pony ride, however, he was a little unsure once they starting "neighing." Maybe next year!

It was a wonderful week up in the High County and we are thankful to have had such great weather and even better company!

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