Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday and Easter all in ONE!

The birthday boy woke up not only to celebrate his actual birthday, but Easter as well! Two big days in one! Mimi gave Will an Easter basket full of goodies!
The Easter Bunny had visited our house while we were away and left Will some flashcards, magnets and a new book.
Will's Great Grandmother Pfanmiller sent him some Easter goodies from Kansas. Will really wanted to eat all the chocolate, but was satisfied with one marshmallow peep instead. She also sent him a bunch of $2 bills for his savings account.

Granny Pfanny sent him some chocolate eggs, but I think AP gobbled them up too fast for a pic. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your family!

Happy Birthday Will! We love you and have loved every second of being your parents!

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