Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Fun!

On Sunday afternoon, Will celebrated his first birthday a week early with family, neighbors and some of our best friends.
Thanks Brooke/Josh and Ash/Kelly for coming to the little man's bday party!
I made Bakerella's cupcake bites and insect cupcakes to go with the hungry caterpillar theme.
My parents gave him the pirate water table and all the kids were big fans of it. Between the sand box, swing set, water table and bubbles all the kiddos were entertained!

Then, he demolished his big cupcake. He enjoyed making the mess more than actually eating the cake.

Aunt Amy helped out with present time. Will got some great toys and clothes from his friends.
The birthday boy went to sleep shortly after the party ended, but not without playing a few tunes on his new guitar! (Aunt MoMo we haven't let go of this yet! He played with it all the way to the beach!)

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