Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Baby Egg Hunt

There aren't many things cuter than seeing 8 one-year olds participating in an Easter Egg Hunt! We had the hunt at our house for our playgroup friends. They could have cared less and were more interested in butterflies, pushing trucks and playing in the sandbox.

What is inside of this egg?
Catie helping her son collect some eggs.
Will was using his strong muscles to push L in the car with Jill's help.
We spent majority of the time just sitting in the grass talking and eating snacks :)
These two have their own conversations all the time! So funny!
Yay! I love playing with all of my friends!


Cynthia said...

Molly is still playing with plastic eggs we brought home. She loved it!

Uncle Marshalls Awesome Cubemate-Kathleen said...

Hi! Will is so cute!!!! It is so fun to hear stories from Marshall everyday :)