Thursday, February 17, 2011

Around Our House Lately...

We made some treats for the family on Monday night and shared majority of them with our sick neighbors...nothing says "feel better" like some sugar!
He's been pulling up and standing since he was 6 months and now he can walk behind his push toys pretty well. We're just waiting for those first steps to take place...gosh, time flies!
Will has a new, BIG toy in his backyard now! We had been searching to buy a play set for his 1st birthday. I just wanted something simple and not a whole lot of bright plastic canvasing the entire backyard. It was just a coincidence that my parents' neighbors wanted to get rid of theirs, so with some help of my dad and Grandpa Dave, we were able to transport and reconstruct in our backyard. When my parents came over on Monday night, they insisted that it was their Valentine's gift to Will. No arguing with there!
Sometimes we'll take a break from our morning jog and Will gets to swing at the playground! :)
Swim lessons are going well. He missed last Thursday due to his first cold, but on Tuesday night he got to play with the noodles and chase floating fish. He was all smiles!
Last night, Will got to spend some time with his Uncle Marshall and Aunt MoMo. Adam was out of town for work, so the three siblings decided to get together for some dinner.
I've been spreading the love of Gigi's throughout the neighborhood lately. So many of them have converted and are talking about doing a Woodlawn field trip in the future. A couple weeks ago, Will and some of his neighborhood buddies went again and this is what we came home with! Yum!


Anonymous said...

So glad Will is already enjoying his new swingset! Such a happy precious boy! xxooxxooo Granny

Julie Hess said...

Will is so adorable Megan! Such a sweet boy! He is going to have BIG fun on that swingset this year I am sure! Wyatt is getting one for his 2nd birthday! Can't wait to get it all completed!