Monday, January 10, 2011

New Experiences in the New Year

For my sister's birthday last weekend we celebrated with the Bambrick sisters Saturday night and we all had our first Drag Show Bingo experience. One word. HILARIOUS! The theme that evening was "Madonna Rama" and in between each game, an entertainer performed to one of Madonna's greatest hits.
This one reminds me of one of the ugly stepsisters from the story "Cinderella."

Afterwards, we went to Fox&Hound in North Hills for a couple drinks and then we had a sleepover at the Renaissance Hotel. It was so nice to sleep-in and then in the morning walk right into Starbucks and read the paper.
Meanwhile, Grandpa and Granny Pfanny had come from DC to help take care of Will and AP since he was still recovering from his Lasik surgery.
Thanks for coming into to town and taking care of both the boys, dog and cooking!
Amy taught Will how to play with his new race track toy. It keeps him so entertained with all the noises and lights that I'm not sure if he has even noticed that cars are supposed to be a key part.

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