Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry X3

Our first party of the night was out in Holly Springs in which one of Adam's co-workers was hosting. The Poe's have a beautiful home and we were glad Will had a little playmate at the party. W and N sat on the couch and had snacks and played together. I should say, Will pulled hair more than he played, but overall they were very happy and content at the party.
We left and then traveled to the Biller's Christmas party back in Raleigh. They had some yummy mac n' cheese squares that Will could not get enough of. He ate 3 helpings throughout the night!
Around 9pm, way past Will's bedtime, we dropped him off to Mimi and BK's house for the night and off we went to the Davis' Tacky Wacky Christmas Sweater Party. It was a busy night party hopping, but we were able to visit with c0-workers, friends and family all in one evening.
The Elf of the night! Merry Christmas!

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