Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Festivities 2010

Eggnog Extravaganza
Morgan hosted "Eggnog Extravaganza" last Thursday night.

Christmas in a Barn
On Christmas Eve, we attended "Christmas in a Barn" near our house. This worship service took place in an actual barn with bales of hay, cows, hot cocoa and lots of Christmas carols. It appeared to be a very popular event because it was very crowded. Luckily, we got there early and we were able to sit on the first row of hay and visit with the cows.
We left the service and went back to Amy and Marc's for their "Peppermint Pop-In" party with the Pfanmillers where we exchanged gifts and ate a bunch of appetizers.
Check out Will's determination-he was much more into chewing the ribbon :)
He loved touching all of the ornaments and pulling on all of the lights.
Loved by so many :)

Christmas Morning
Santa visited Will at our house. He got to play with his toys for a bit then we went over to Mimi and BK's for brunch and more presents.

He had the best time climbing over all the wrapping and chewing it

Will got a new car. He loves it especially if you make all the noises like BK

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