Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Fun!

This weekend brought another bachelor weekend for AP. He and about 12 other buddies from college went to Boone to celebrate his friend's upcoming wedding. They rented a cabin, played golf and grilled out while enjoying the mountain scenery. Adam was able to eat at some of our ASU favorites while he was in town. He came home Sunday afternoon to enjoy the rest of the long weekend with Mr. Will and myself and we made the most of it!
What an awesome cabin they had! He said the pictures don't do the cabin justice and it was probably the coolest house he has ever stayed in.
While he was out of town, Mr. Will and myself went to the pool with Brooke and Aunt MoMo. He was a good sport and kicked his feet in the water.
Never too young to geocache! Saturday afternoon, Aunt MoMo and I took Will geocaching and he was able to hide his first cache near the local library. Its called the "Eric Carle cache" in honor of Will.
Daddy came home and we ate outside at Lynnwood Grill. It wasn't cold out, but the hat was too cute not to wear. Plus, this picture is for Uncle Marc, who can make the best hippo noises known to mankind. :) Just ask him!
We met Ash and Kelly bright and early for some fun at the local dog park. Miss Bella met tons of other dogs, splashed in the water and chased tennis balls all over the park.
One tired and DIRTY puppy!

This evening, we went downtown and participated in our first "nog run" at Tirnanog. Every Monday night they host a 5K run along with a pasta buffet, beer specials and trivia. Our 3 mile route took us through Historic Oakwood (lots of cool homes), the Governor's Mansion, NC Museums, Capitol, Fayetteville Street and through City Market. It was a neat experience, one that we hope to do fairly often in the future! This club also does monthly charity events and after 10 runs, you get your very own "Nog Run Club" t-shirt!
Cruising through Historic Oakwood-Will loved his first 5K!

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