Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Week with Will

Monday-Making New Friends
Our friend Em came over on Monday night for a movie and pizza. She brought her sweet dog, Patsy Cline with her to play with Bella. It was a rather calm playdate, they just roamed around all throughout the backyard. Usually Bella likes to wrestle non-stop with all of her dog friends. Will loved having another furry friend visit him too.

Tuesday-Time For the Doctor!

Will had his 4 month checkup with Dr. Coleman and he continues to grow and develop right on track. He now weighs 15 lbs and can start eating rice cereal.
Wednesday-Walking and Weekly Reading

We tested out our BabyErgo by placing Will inside and walking the neighborhood loop. By the time we got back around, he was fast asleep. Obviously, he will be placed inside a lot more now, especially since it allows me to be hands-free.
Will also went to "Tot Time" at Barnes & Nobles where they read a book about the beach and completed a snorkeling craft. Will decided to read with the big bear instead of using scissors and crayons.
Thursday-Time to Celebrate!
BK had his birthday and we celebrated with him and Mimi and the rest of the family by having a cookout. Since BK loves to mow the grass, we thought some lawn mowing cupcakes were appropriate for this occasion. Baby Will was excited about wearing his new cow outfit on this day as well :)
Friday-Feast Time

Baby Will is now eating rice cereal. I can't say he is 100% a fan of this new substance, however, about half of it is being consumed. We're planning on doing this for a couple months and then start some homemade baby food :)


David and Jennifer said...

Love the face while eating cereal ... too funny! If you are looking for some recipes, I have the Super Baby Food book if you'd like to borrow it.

Megan and Adam Pfanmiller said...

Sure ...would love to borrow it! Thanks Jen